Enhance your Sunflower Crop

For the control Sclerotinia head rot (white mold).

BVT’s proprietary system uses commercial bees to deliver Vectorite with CR-7, an organic carrier agent with BVT’s patented strain of Clonostachys rosea that attaches safely to bees during their normal pollination activities.

In both university trials and grower demo programs, the BVT system has been shown to provide higher yielding fields than those not treated with the system and better control of profit robbing fungal diseases. Scroll down for NDSU trial data. 

BVT’s system is low-maintenance, easy to use, and provides a constant, season-long foundation of disease control applications while lowering fuel and water consumption. Most importantly, the BVT system integrates seamlessly with all standard disease and pest spray programs, no adjustments needed!

For more information on how the BVT Vectorhive system can help your blueberry and caneberry operation, click on the links below, or contact us.

A 2022 Global Production Shortage Means the Value of Your Sunflower Seeds is Up

Do what you can to protect your product and maximize yield.

With BVT, you'll get continuous, daily fungicide applications directly to flowers and target Sclerotinia at the source of infection - in the head.

  • Decrease disease incidence and severity for Sclerotinia head rot (white mold)
  • Get higher marketable yields
  • Reduced use of chemical fungicides
  • Increase your profit!

Order Deadline:

Order by June 30, 2022 for use in your peak fungal disease period.

North Dakota State University (NDSU) Trial Data: 2019-2021

Multi-year trials of BVT’s biological fungicide, CR-7 were conducted by North Dakota State University (NDSU). Funded by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the NDSU trials were done in cooperation with BVT.

NDSU trial data on BVT

A Breakthrough Addition to Your Integrated Pest and Disease Management Program

Reduce spray and wait cycles during bloom time

Get continuous re-application of biologicals with every bee visit to flowers.

Zero weather delays

Unlike spraying, there are no weather delays with bee vectoring (e.g., after rainfall, wet inaccessible fields, etc.).

Improve resistance management

Bee vectoring is a new physical mode of action.

Zero restricted-entry interval (REI)

Increase farm worker productivity.

MRL exempt

Vectorite with CR-7 is MRL exempt.

Sunflower resources

FAQ Sheet (English)
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Quick Start Guide (Honey Bees)
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VectorHive Honey Bee Dispenser (English & Spanish)

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