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Strawberry growers looking for improved yields and better control of profit-robbing fungal disease such as Botrytis Gray Mold use BVT’s Vectorhive™ system to deliver Vectorite™ with CR-7.

The BVT Vectorhive system gives grower easy and efficient, season-long control of disease by using bees to deliver the microbial bio-fungicide Vectorite with CR-7. This unique delivery application is unlike any other product on the market, giving growers early and precise delivery of a disease prevention product directly to where strawberry plants are most at risk – the flower.

Multiple years of University of Florida trials, grower demos and commercial application all show that using the BVT Vectorhive system improves yield (3-year average of 18%) and reduced disease incidence (3-year average of 35%) versus using a conventional fungicide alone.

Discover the Vectorite System

“BVT’s Vectorhive system worked great for us this season. Even with fewer spray applications, we saw less disease, stronger, healthier plants, with better set and fruit size. ”

“It's very easy to handle. There's no need to spray water or a use a tractor. I don't use oil, or CO2. I must go twice a week to change the powder, that's all. We are happy with the results because we couldn't see any botrytis cinerea on the berries. ”

“The ability of bees to deliver a biological disease control product when fields are too wet to cross gives BVT a clear advantage compared to traditional products that are sprayed with a tractor...”

“...BVT, being a biological product, gives added marketing value to us by reducing reliance on chemical pesticides. Additionally it does not have a restricted entry interval like a synthetic fungicide which will help us during the harvest season.”

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