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Strawberry growers looking for improved yields and better control of profit-robbing fungal disease such as Botrytis Gray Mold use BVT’s Vectorhive™ system to deliver Vectorite™ with CR-7.

The BVT Vectorhive system gives grower easy and efficient, season-long control of disease by using bees to deliver the microbial bio-fungicide Vectorite with CR-7. This unique delivery application is unlike any other product on the market, giving growers early and precise delivery of a disease prevention product directly to where strawberry plants are most at risk – the flower.

Multiple years of University of Florida trials, grower demos and commercial application all show that using the BVT Vectorhive system improves yield (3-year average of 18%) and reduced disease incidence (3-year average of 35%) versus using a conventional fungicide alone.

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