Less Disease & Higher Profits Using Bees

Your pollinating bee hives can do much more for your berry crops – and for your bottom line.

This growing season, leverage them to reduce disease and increase yield by adding bee vectoring systems for bees to continuously deliver natural fungicides to where they are needed most – directly into blooms.

Bee vectoring delivers continuous protection directly to flowers: BVT’s VectorHive™ system uses commercial bees to deliver Vectorite with CR-7, a biological fungicide for the control of common fungal diseases including Colletotrichum (anthracnose), Botrytis (gray mold) and Monilinia (mummy berry).

How it works: As bees leave their hive to forage, they walk through the VectorHive dispenser or tray, picking up trace amounts of the biological product (which attach harmlessly to their bodies), then carry it directly into blooms. As the bees pollinate your crops, they efficiently deliver the microbe directly to where plants are most susceptible to many fungal diseases: the flower. Once on the flower, the microbe

MBG - GROUP BUYING DISCOUNT on Bee Vectoring Systems

Exclusive to MBG members for the 2022 blueberry growing season:

  • 5% off – BASE discount, applies to all MBG growers

  • 7% off – 250 to 499 acres

  • 10% off – 500 to 799 acres

  • 14% off – 800 plus acres


Bee Vectoring Technology (BVT) is pleased to introduce a MBG Members Program. Members that order bee vectoring systems, either VectorHive honeybee dispensers or VectorHive bumblebee systems, will receive a group buying discount.

The more bee vectoring systems ordered by members (total combined acres), the bigger the discount to the entire group’s order.

  • Applicable states: Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington.
  • Honeybee dispensers (bees not included) and bumblebee systems (bees included) are available.

RUTGERS UNIVERSITY R&D TRIAL Reports Strong Disease Fighting Results for Bee Vectoring

8-27% decrease in Anthracnose disease with BVT's honeybee system (84% decrease with bumblebee system)

11% more marketable, healthy berries 10 days after harvest with BVT compared to the grower standard (60% more with BVT compared to untreated control)

OREGON - BVT Trial Data Results

Significant reduction in Monilinia (mummy berry) disease: from 25% to avg. 2.7%
16% average increase in berry size
43% more larger berries (≥ 12mm)
Higher yields over the grower standard

eBook on precision bee vectoring
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(Pacific Northwest edition)

Interviews with Growers

40+ berry growers across America manage berry disease and increase marketing yields with bee vectoring. Don’t miss out on this breakthrough in blueberry crop protection.

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Learn more about Vectorite with CR-7. 

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