Biological efficacy evaluation of CR-7 in blueberries

Blueberry trials from across diverse markets:

  • Trials are from 2017 to 2022

  • Trials include bumblebees and honeybees

  • Trials were conducted in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

bumblebees and honeybees on blueberry blooms


More marketable blueberries compared to grower spray used alone.
Consistent yield increase under normal growing conditions.
Compatible with existing grower spray programs.

BVT + Grower Standard vs. Grower Standard

Win rate: 82% (all trials) | 100% (valid trials)
Average yield increase: 13% (all trials) | 24% (valid trials)
Global Trials - Marketable Yield


Vectorite with CR-7 is a registered biofungicide with activity against major blueberry diseases, including Colletotrichum (anthracnose), Monilinia (mummy berry), Botrytis (gray mold) and Alternaria.

BVT + Grower Standard vs. Grower Standard; All Diseases

Win rate: 82%
Global Trials - Disease Control (compared to grower standard)

  • Vectorite with CR-7, when combined with existing spray programs, consistently provides superior control over spray programs alone.
  • Vectorite with CR-7 is an added benefit to your IPM program.
  • Compatible with current grower spray programs.
  • Can be integrated into a conventional or organic system to increase disease control and manage fungicide resistance.


BVT Alone vs. Untreated; All Diseases

Win rate: 85%

Global Trials - Disease Control (compared to untreated)

  • When BVT is used alone, disease is noticeably lower in blueberry fields.
  • BVT can be used alone to control diseases when there are limited other options.

Less disease & higher profits using bees

BVT VectorHive Systems

Use commercial bees to deliver a biofungicide to decrease disease and boost berry production.

It’s been used by growers across the United States since 2019.

Bee vectoring delivers continuous protection directly to flowers. BVT’s VectorHive™ system uses commercial bees to deliver Vectorite™ with CR-7, a biological fungicide for the control of common fungal diseases including Colletotrichum (anthracnose), Botrytis (gray mold), Monilinia (mummy berry) and Alternaria.


Interviews with Southern growers

Watch and hear what these Southern growers have to say about using bee vectoring.

Helpful resources

Learn more about Vectorite with CR-7. 

FAQ Sheet (English)
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Quick Start Guide (Bumble Bees)
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VectorHive Bumble Bee System (English & Spanish)
Quick Start Guide (Honey Bees)
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VectorHive Honey Bee Dispenser (English & Spanish)

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