A complete system

BVT’s Vectorhive™ system uses commercially reared bumblebees or honey bees, whichever is the preference to a grower’s practice, to deliver BVT’s patented Vectorite™ with CR-7, a biological fungicide for control of common fungal diseases, including Botrytis Gray Mold.

How it works

As your bees exit their hive during normal pollination activities, they walk across BVT’s proprietary Vectorpak™ tray filled with Vectorite – an organic carrier agent which bonds with stacked bio-controls (microbes) – that attaches harmlessly to the bees.

As the bees pollinate your crops, they efficiently deliver the beneficial microbe stacked with the Vectorite directly to where plants are most susceptible to many fungal diseases – the flower.

As the bees pollinate the flowers, it also delivers the Vectorite and the microbial fungicide. Once on the flower, the microbe colonizes the plant and protects the crop against various diseases.

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