Grower better berries with bee vectoring

BVT’s proprietary system uses commercial bees to deliver Vectorite with CR-7, an organic carrier agent with BVT’s patented strain of Clonostachys rosea that attaches safely to bees during their normal pollination activities.

BVT’s system is low-maintenance, easy to use, and provides a constant, season-long foundation of disease control applications while lowering fuel and water consumption. Most importantly, the BVT system integrates seamlessly with all standard disease and pest spray programs, no adjustments needed!

Targeted crop protection + increased production


US EPA & California DPR registered

First product approved for natural delivery by bees.


Decrease in disease incidence and severity

Get 20-35% reduction in Colletotrichum (anthracnose), Botrytis (gray mold) and Monilinia (mummy berry)


Higher marketable yield

Get 15-40% higher yields – and get more from pollination services by simply adding bee vectoring to honeybee hives.


More durable berries with longer shelf life

Less post-harvest disease, with less rejection at the packing house

A breakthrough addition to your IPM tool kit

Reduce spray and wait cycles during bloom time

Get continuous re-application of biologicals with every bee visit to flowers.

MRL exempt

Vectorite with CR-7 is MRL exempt.

Improve resistance management

Bee vectoring is a new physical mode of action.

Zero restricted-entry interval (REI)

Increase farm worker productivity.

Zero pre-harvest interval (PHI)

Start picking right away, there’s no 3-day wait after spraying.

Zero weather delays

Unlike spraying, there are no weather delays with bee vectoring (e.g., after rainfall, wet inaccessible fields, etc.).

Hoop house spraying

Eliminate the challenges of spraying in hoop houses.

Helpful resources

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