The Vectorhive™ System offers


Highly effective disease management and marketable yield improvements, all while reducing costs associated with labor, fuel, and water.


Easier than conventional application methods, the BVT Vectorhive system requires minimal training and integrates smoothly into standard growing practices.


Using commercially-reared bees to deliver targeted biological controls is a natural application method versus mechanical foliar applications.


Strawberry growers using the BVT Vectorhive system see reduced disease pressure and higher marketable yields:

  • 29 to 44% improvement in marketable yield in University of Florida trials
  • Better control of Botrytis Gray Mold than with conventional fungicide alone
  • Minimal impact on growing practices already used by most growers



Blueberry growers using the BVT Vectorhive system see improved yields and better disease control than with fungicides alone:

  • Grower trials resulted in 28 to 55% higher yields
  • Effective for control of Botrytis Gray Mold and Mummy berry
  • Efficient and effective delivery method with minimal impact to standard growing practices


By the numbers


EPA registered product approved for natural delivery by bees


Average improved yield vs. fungicide alone in strawberry crops


Higher yield on blueberries vs. pollination alone

“The BVT technology is a brilliant game changer!”

Who is BVT?

BVT is a leading technology company that uses commercially-reared bees to deliver sustainable and effective crop control. Our system is pioneering a major agricultural innovation, providing the foundation for comprehensive, stackable and highly targeted pest and disease management solutions. Essentially, our solution harnesses the power of nature’s best workers, helping growers improve crop quality with a significant decrease in the use of chemicals.

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